Introducing Liv Bella Tanning

Here we are!

How exciting! Liv Bella Tanning is a mobile spray tanning service that is designed to help you achieve that coveted glow without any risk of damage to your skin. I started Liv Bella Tanning because I needed a solution to several problems I have personally experienced in the world of tanning.  Lets face it, being tanned is a serious pump for your self esteem.  A beautiful tan helps to even your skin tone and add some healthy colour to your life.  Those spray tanning booths are so intimidating! Flashes of Ross Geller counting with “Mississippi’s” comes to mind.  Way too complicated and impersonal.

My tanning preferences are not the same as everyone else’s, so how can a machine customize it? Spray tanning technicians have the ability to customize your tan, eliminating those horrid oompa loompa stories you hear from anyone who’s had a spray tan circa 1998. With Liv Bella being MOBILE, you can book your appointment for when its convenient for YOU with the added bonus of being in the comfort of your home. You can stay in your robe that much longer after your spray tan and not worry about being rushed out of the room at the tanning salon.  We live in a busy world, with multiple commitments and responsibilities. Anytime you can have a service you love become more convenient I say is a win!

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