Vacation Planning : Pre departure spray tan

While planning your long awaited vacation, don’t forget to plan for a spray tan before you go.  Yes, I said before you go.  You’re probably thinking that makes no sense what so ever. Getting a pre-holiday spray tan to take the “edge off” before making your appearance on the beach or poolside is a smart idea.  I’ll tell you why; you’ll be able to relax!  You won’t have to try and rush to get that golden glowing skin by being too loosey goosey with your sunscreen application and remaining exposed to direct UV sunlight sans protection for extended periods of time in order for your base to appear faster.  This puts you at a greater risk of burning, and that can lead blond on planeto serious discomfort.  Not to mention the risk factors for pre-mature wrinkles and the very real risk of skin cancer.

A spray tan does not offer any protection from UV rays, so you will want to slather that SPF 30 (or higher!) on when you’re venturing outside.  The great part about going away pre-tanned is that by the time your spray tan begins to fade, your tan underneath has already been building up.  Seamless transition!

We can help get you vacation ready in no time at Liv Bella Tanning.  The added benefit of us being completely mobile means it’s one less stop you’ll have to worry about before you go.  Less stress = more fun!

You can go from plane to beach same day and look like you’ve been there a week already!

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