Vacation Planning; Packing for a trip

Now that you have booked your pre-vacation spray tan with Liv Bella Tanning, it’s time to plan what you’re going to pack.

Make a checklist!

Write down everything you think you’ll need for your trip, taking into account the location and time of year.  Then trim, trim, trim that list.  No, you do not need 5 pairs of shoes for a beach vacay.  Don’t forget to include readily forgotten items like sunglasses, a razor, sunscreen and a hat!

Plan your outfits!

Get online and check weather websites for your location of travel and plan accordingly.  Think about colour co-ordinating and layering so you can re-wear clothes and get away with less items to bring.  Try rolling a few articles of clothing together when packing; this will save space AND wrinkles.  Also, try placing delicate items in socks then into your shoes.

Buy travel sized EVERYTHING!blond on plane

This is a huge space saver.  Make sure you are up to date with the airlines’ guidelines for what you are allowed to pack and bring.  Separate your liquids into a ziplock bag to make it accessible for security to screen.  It also will save any sort of disaster of your shampoo or lotion getting allll over the rest of the items in your bag.

Heaviest items in the bottom!

When you are loading your rolling case, make sure to place the heaviest items at the bottom.  This will help with weight distribution and will protect your other packed items from getting crushed.  Tick the items off of your packing checklist as you place them in your bag.

Avoid checking your bag!

If you can trim your list down enough, try getting everything to fit into a bag(s) that you are allowed to bring as carry-on.  You’ll save time AND money!  Check with the airline you’ll be flying with as to what their rules are around size and weight of carry-on luggage.  Whatever your situation is, keep your most valuable items with you (passport, ID, money, any travel documents are some examples).  Most airlines allow, at minimum, a small carryon bag (purse).

Have fun, and be safe!



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